PSG already preparing 222 Million Euro for Neymar

PSG already preparing 222 Million Euro for Neymar

Paris Saint-Germain is rumored to have set aside 222 million euros to comply with Neymar’s purchase clause next week.

PSG pushed the Barcelona star to give an answer in the next few days before they went to Barcelona to deposit the necessary expenses to take him away.

And to anticipate developments that might happen at any time, the country Qatar has transferred some funds to Paris in anticipation of an offer to be made next week.

Journalist Isabela Pagliari of Estadio Interativo reported on social media: “The amount of money needed for Neymar’s transfer has been debited from the bank account of Qatar.”

“Paris Saint-Germain plans to pay the money to Barça next week.”

Barcelona officials, Ernesto Valverde, confirmed that Neymar is still happy even though he continues to be associated with the French giants, PSG.

“Neymar is very happy, he talked to some of his friends in Manchester,” Valverde told local media.

“No news except he is with us.”