Corruption Scandal Allegedly Nodai Two Spanish Test Game

Corruption Scandal Allegedly Nodai Two Spanish Test Game

Jakarta Two Spanish national team matches allegedly related to a corruption scandal involving Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) president Angel Maria Villar  Currently, the Spanish anti-corruption unit is investigating the possibility Agen Sbobet.

RFEF President Angel Maria Villar has been arrested by Spanish anti-corruption unit at his home since Tuesday (07/17/2017). Angel Maria Villar allegedly committed abuse of office for personal gain.

Based on Marca’s investigation, one form of misconduct was in arranging the match schedule of the Spanish national team. There are several matches alleged as Angel Maria Villar’s chances of personal gain.

Currently, there are two matches suspected of involvement in the corruption scandal of Angel Maria Villar. Both matches are when the Spanish national team met Bosnia-Herzegovina in Switzerland on May 29, 2016 and South Korea’s cons in Austria, two days ago.

Both matches are part of the preparation of the Spanish national team to face the 2016 European Cup. According to El Pais, authorities are investigating the details of both games. Angel Maria Villar accepts the allegations of scheduling the game to reap personal gain through an ad made by his son, Gorka.

In addition, Angel Maria Villar and his colleagues are also suspected of using their powers to increase personal coffers by selling Spanish broadcasting rights to certain parties. According to Marca’s report, Angel Maria Villar cs earned a profit of up to 20 million euros (Rp 309 billion) from it.

The corruption scandal involving Angel Maria Villar tarnished her name during the President of the RFEF. Under the leadership of Angel Maria Villar, the Spanish national team managed to win two European Cup titles and one World Cup trophy.

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