This Journalist Jilat Spit Own about Lionel Messi

This Journalist Jilat Spit Own about Lionel Messi

Martin Liberman (41), journalist of one television show, Debate Final, “licked spit” himself about the performance of Barcelona star Lionel Messi.

Martin Liberman is known as a sports presenter who always criticized the performance of Lionel Messi with the Argentine national team. He had time to question the performance of Lionel Messi, who look great with Barcelona, ​​but pelted with the national team because it always failed to deliver Argentina champions.

Martin Liberman’s criticism sharpened after Argentina was threatened with absence in the 2018 World Cup. He doubted Lionel Messi was able to deliver Argentina to Russia, despite being labeled the world’s best players.

However, the facts say differently. Lionel Messi performed brilliantly by scoring two goals against Ecuador, in the last game 2018 World Cup Qualification zone Conmebol, Wednesday (11/10/2017).

Argentina won 3-1, although had left earlier in the early minutes of the game. These results make Argentina ensure a ticket in Russia. The whole community also praised the appearance of Lionel Messi, including one of them Martin Liberman.

“What I always question is what Messi did yesterday,” said Martin Liberman, in the Debate Final event.

“If Lionel Messi is really the best player in the world, he is obliged to save us (qualify for the World Cup) and he did that yesterday,” the Argentine added.

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